Why ZZW?

A Development Approach Refined Over Many Years

ZZW is guided by a development philosophy, and follows a consistent process, which is entirely different than throwing a bunch of developers against the wall and seeing if they stick.  When you work with ZZW, you can be sure we’ve done this before, and we’ve done it in the way we’re doing it for you, and you will enjoy all the benefits of a process that has been refined in the fires of time.

Our Process

While we never want to be completely rigid because unique situations require unique approaches, we consistently follow the process outlined here because it works. [DIAGRAM OF STEPS]
  1. Create the Pipelines
  2. Visualize the Project
  3. Iterative Development
    1. New Features or Fixes
    2. Quality Assurance
    3. User Acceptance
    4. Production

What our dreamers are saying about ZooZooWeb

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