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Web Application Development

We Specialize in Complex, Data-Driven Applications

Think About Your Data

Every business generates data.  In fact, managing your business, at least in part, is managing the data – financial data, product data, customer data and so on. Often, a web based application uses a company’s data to provide better service to its customers and potential customers.  It might also use industry data to create an application that is useful to customers or potential customers. Here are a few examples of web applications using specific data to create a product:

What about your business?  How could you use data, yours, your customers, industry data to build an application that people really love or can’t live without. Think outside the box and dream big!

Data Driven Applications

We build applications for business. This could be a brand-new digital product dreamed up in the board room of a large corporation, or it could be a start-up with an idea for new software. Sometimes it is a utilitarian application such as providing customers access to their data through a Web Portal, and sometimes it is flashy marketing software that uses the latest technology to showcase products, drive traffic, integrate with Social Media properties, or simply to attract attention.  Data driven applications use:

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