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Did you know every 68 seconds a woman is assaulted? 

One in four women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime, and one in five women will experience completed or attempted rape.

Protecting and Supporting Women with Smart Cosmetics

The first Esōes smart cosmetics product to be released is a lip gloss with two key safety features:

  1. Test strips that will detect hundreds of types of date-rape drugs using just a drop of a drink.
  2. A panic button connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth that activates three escalating levels of emergency actions.

The Esōes App

ZZW was thrilled to be selected to create the Esōes mobile app enabling us to support this very important cause.

Working with Joy Hoover, founder of Esōes, we created a system of escalating actions that can be triggered by the Bluetooth button.  For example, let’s say you’re out on a date from an online dating app and you are starting to feel a little nervous, you could escalate the first level by clicking the button your lip gloss which activates the action(s) at level one that you have configured in your Esōes mobile app.  The first level action might be something like sending an SMS to a friend along with your location, just saying where you are … just in case.

If the situation escalates and you want to get out of there, you can click the button a second time and our system might give you a “fake” call, so you can make your excuses and go.

Finally, if you really need help fast, level three could send a message to an Esōes dispatch center that can direct emergency services to your location immediately.


This mobile app included programming the integration with the Bluetooth device, creating the app using React Native for the client and Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes and Mongo as a SAAS application supporting the app.  Additionally, we integrated via API with an emergency services dispatch product called Noonlight and other services such as Twilio, and we make use of geo-location and tap into special safety features requiring app store approval like turning on recording and sounding an alarm.

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