Restorative Therapies

A Special Kind of Workout App

Helping people with a neurological impairment or critical illness achieve their full recovery potential.

Restorative Therapies Devices Help Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries 

Restorative Therapies Inc (RTI) provides a specialized workout device to clinics all over the world.  These machines allow a patient with spinal injuries or neurological impairment to do a workout with arms or legs or both. The device can provide motor support if the particular patient’s injury prevents them from operating the device on their own.  Additionally, the device provides a great deal of feedback data on the workout…that’s where we come in.

The RTI App

RTI has a system that collects an enormous amount of data as patients perform their workouts.  The task for ZZW was to take all that data, put it into bite sized, useful chunks and present it to patient and to the clinician in a way that was helpful.  We created several small charts for various key elements of the workout, such as motor support, workout time, distance and so on, and we created easy to read charts on a mobile app.  Whether the patient worked out at a clinic or on a home machine, they could review their workout and track their progress over time.  We added a lot of other bells and whistles to the app, such as a notification system where RTI could send messages to everyone who had the app, a calendar of events and useful links to RTI resources.


This mobile app integrated with RTI’s existing back database and servers built with SQL and JSP pages.  We created a cloud based system for scalability and then created API endpoints so we could get a feed of patient data as patients signed up for the app. As this is medical data, we had to do all of this according to HIPPA and medical app protocols.  The mobile app was built using React Native on the client and Java Spring Boot and Mongo in the cloud.

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