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Worldwide Data Centers 

Evoque Data Center Solutions (Evoque) owns and manages data centers worldwide. When ZZW was brought onboard, the goal was to create a Web Portal that would eventually allow the customer to see everything they had housed in Evoque data centers, and to be able to create support tickets, purchase data center products and manage all their environments around the world from a world class portal.  Evoque’s competitors and dozens of developers and years head start, but team of a few great programmers made great strides in a short period of time.  Not only that, the data centers were purchased from another large company, we ZZW had to help untangle all the legacy data and make it work.

The Evoque Customer Portal (ECP)

The ECP we created had to robustly interact with many Enterprise systems seamlessly.  These systems where typically the “source of truth” while the ECP help to display, manipulate and move that data from system to system.  We used the API’s of these system to provide a unified view of a customer’s holdings, support tickets, data center physical access lists and much more. Here’s just a sampling of the enterprise systems with which we integrated:

  •  Salesforce – All the account data and new product data originated here and the ECP pulled this data in and displayed it in the ECP.
  • Service Now – Another widely used enterprise product that Evoque used to track support tickets
  • Logic Monitor – This tool keeps track of the inbound and outbound data from devices in the data center.  We integrated with this API and displayed throughput charts on the web portal.
  • Azure Synapse – Synapse is a data warehouse tool.  Our system created various files in Parquet format for the warehouse to digest and create various reports.
  • Megaport – Megaport is a service that connects co-located servers to various cloud services such as AWS.
  • Proxyclick – Proxyclick builds a kiosk using iPads that allows employees and visitors to check into the data centers.  We integrated the customer-managed ACLs (Access Control Lists) kept on the portal with Proxyclick in real time.
  • Beacon – In a data center, there are many compliance issues.  This integration allowed customers to see all the relevant compliance documents and updated them real time as they changed.


This web app included all the API integrations listed above.  It was built using React with the Prime React framework on the client side and micro-services in the cloud build on AWS using Java Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker and Mongo.

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