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System Integration

Wide Experience Integrating All Types of Systems​

Our engineers possess a range of skills and experience with different systems often used in corporations which allows us to both develop applications and integrate those applications with other systems both within the enterprise and in the cloud.  We have done a lot of both.

Our long experience as developers going back to the mid 90s has required us to integrate with systems old and new, from AS400’s to data warehouses in the cloud and everything in between.  That experience gives us an advantage in large corporations that very often still have legacy systems that the integrator needs to understand whether company is modernizing or keeping the legacy systems in place.

So…we don’t just build that beautiful mobile app or web portal, we integrate it with key data in your company.  Data that when unleashed can transform your company and your relationships with your customers.

These are just some of the products and APIs we’ve used:

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